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The Philosophy of Congregation Tikkun Olam

We exist as a home for all Jewish people and their families, where one can honor God through communal worship, Torah study and assembly. We strive to provide a community of friendship among Jewish and interfaith families.  Our congregation is open to all, including those who were not born Jewish.  We consider Judaism not only a religion, but also a culture and community of people bonded together by shared values and tradition. We welcome pluralism and embrace diversity.  We cherish the dynamic tension that is requisite in the spirit of inclusion, knowing that differences in people enrich our lives and help make us better Jews. We are responsible to educate our children and ourselves to be good Jews, not merely to practice Judaism.  We believe in individual freedom.  Each of us has the right to decide for ourselves those beliefs and practices to which we subscribe. We strive to be moral, ethical and honorable people, and we believe in social responsibility.  That is the spirit of Tikkun Olam; we dedicate ourselves to the improvement of the world.  We endeavor to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people and to promote the fundamental and enduring principles of Judaism. We believe in the universal goodness among all people and in the life that one leads.  We aspire to personal search for spiritual meaning.  We abide by the principles of Reform Judaism.

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